Sigiriya holds the mantle for being the most outstanding architectural wonder in Sri Lanka. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sigiriya rises 700 feet over one of Asia's most well-preserved ancient landscaped gardens. This giant granite monolith is an unforgettable site.

The fortress was built in the shape of a lion, hence the name Lion’s Rock. Giant lions paws and intricate surrounding brickwork are all that remain of the entrance to the Upper Palace. Stretching across nearly 3.5 acres, the palace on the flat plateau summit was home to King Kasyapa for over 20 years. The floor plan of the palace is still clearly visible, as is the King’s throne and his own personal bathing pool. On the way to the summit, you must pass the famous Sigiriya Frescoes which date back to the 5th Century. ‘Apsaras,’ or celestial nymphs adorn the indentations of one of the walls and rumour has it that they represent the concubines of the king.

As visitors over the centuries have admired these delicate maidens, they have written their love poems on what is known as the ‘Mirrored Wall’. This graffiti has been dated back to between the 6th and 14th Century, and many have been translated to reveal genuine feelings of emotion upon seeing the Apsara's ethereal beauty.

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