Pristine interiors and plush living spaces…come to this beautiful Beach chalet for your special holiday…

Chaaya Blu Trincomalee, once a 70s resort originally designed to resemble a great sailing vessel, was transformed and launched on the 15th of May 2010, with a refreshing retro-chic design. 81 rooms in theme with a stylish retro design are decorated with bleached wooden decks; cut cement floors, rattan furniture and denim trimmings. A splash of bright orange is used to contrast the blue and white hues. Luxurious comfort and all amenities embedded in to a spacious room with a breath taking view of the Indian Ocean.

You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back…


Waiting there for you,

  •  A traditional welcome, and a freshly made drink to refresh you, before being escorted to your special room…
  • Be amazed by the work done to create the Romantically decorated bed, done up for your arrival, exclusively for you
  • Be thrilled by the freshly made Bouquet of Flowers presented to the bride, upon arrival, we have only your happiness in our thoughts
  • For you to indulge during your wonderful holiday, Chocolates placed by the bedside in your special room
  • A fresh tropical fruit presentation, kept arranged and ready in the room, for you to enjoy as and when you please…
  • With your special holiday in mind, A complementary cake freshly baked and created in romantic themes, only for you
  • In an area of serenity and tranquility, A private candle lit dinner at the beach hut “ The Crab “, for you to savoir the culinary delights between only the two of you

Exclusively for you at special rates,

  • Dine In Option

Captains deck

The Crab

The Rum hold by the pool

In room Breakfast

 At the garden


For you to enjoy during your special holiday,  

  • Discover Trincomalee – extensive knowledge and sights and sounds of a city two and a half thousand years old
  • Cast away in Pigeon Island –be among the rock pigeons and visit the other beautiful areas…
  • Scuba diving – go deep to see the beautiful coral reefs and marine life
  • Rediscover marine Mammals in the East – be among the whales and dolphins…

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